Welcome to The Nerdy Developer’s den.  This site contains a wealth of technology related information. The information provided here is usually not available readily. I have put in the hard work to do the research and enjoy sharing the information with anyone who might be interested.

The goal of The Nerdy Developer is to keep you updated with the latest and greatest development technologies, offering you a variety of resources that make learning not only easy, but fun as well.  I love strategy games as well.  So, along the way, I will share some gaming tips as well as I discover new games and strategies to win the various levels.

About the Author

Hi there! I am Suresh Veda, Nerdy Developer and Architect by day. My hobbies include gaming, animation, writing software applications, skiing, yoga and blogging. I am an optimistic person who loves peace and quietness. Unlike the usual stereotype developers, I love to document technical stuff and hence this site.  Hope you find the information useful.