Getting setup with an Oracle 12C Docker Image

As a developer, I like to have all my dependencies available locally.  When the development environment has a database dependency, my preference has been to connect to a local database.  As a developer, this gives me the flexibility to try out just about anything without worrying about the impact it might have on others.  It […]

Age of Empires Cheat Codes

Age of Empires 1 is one of my favorite games and my first introduction to strategy games.  Agree that the game is 2 decades old now, but I consider this as one of the games that has stood the test of time.  Even today I see high schoolers getting excited playing this game. One of […]

Useful Windows Keyboard shortcuts

Below are some useful windows Keyboard Shortcuts that would help you complete your tasks faster using keyboard rather than using the mouse. Press the “Windows Key” and the letter “d” simultaneously to minimize all the windows. Press the “Windows Key” and the letter “e” simultaneously to open up windows explorer. Press the “Windows Key” and the […]

Self Signed Certificates and Jar Signing Process

So, you are trying to run an applet or a java web start application delivered over the browser. Your applet/application needs to perform some privileged operation such as reading local resources or writing to a file. The jvm sandbox security wouldn’t allow you to perform these operations. In order to do this, your applet/application jar […]